Here are some Explanations about our Website:

When you sign up as a Member, you will be able to download all the Videos listed in "Videos for Members" and in Addition the Videos listed in "Video Schedule"  in the main Menu of the Website.

Every 2 Month, we rotate Videos out, which will not appear again on this Website, even though we have some Plans, that you could still purchase those Videos, as we offer them now in our Yezzclips Stores.

Our HD Login is reserved for our most loyal Members, that kept renewing the Membership at least 7 Month. This Login is not issued anymore without investigating the particular Member first. If the Decision is "NO" there will be no Explanation given and no Discussion about it. We need to protect our Material from Delinquency, and cannot risk it being uploaded by any Individual. If you desire HD Login (High Definition), just drop me an Email, I review your Logs, and if you qualify, you will be granted Access to our HD Login.


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