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I just come home from a visit to the girls at
I wanted to test my limits as a toilet slave.
We recorded some videos for their websites where I was their slave.

Here is a short diary of my visit.


Day 1 (13/6-2012)
Nicole, Merica and their normal slave meet me at the airport.

Day 2 (14/6-2012)
My first time used. We started out "easy" with "only" 6 girls to serve.
We started with some foot-worship with soap.
The idea was that the soap would prevent me from tasting the shit later.
I was tied up, after the foot-worship was done, and put into their feeding chair
Well the strong shit was very quickly removing the taste of soap.
They let the shit pile up and forced it all down my thought after the last girl had delivered her shit.

Things I learned today:
1) The burning part of chilli goes straight though the human body
2) Chilli shit is very good at remove the taste of soap

Day 3 (15/6-2012)
The day was used on editing the video recorded the day before

Day 4 (16/6-2012)
I was used by 2 girls today. Nicole and Merica
I was tied up and we started with some rough face sitting before they both fed me their shit under face sitting.

Things I learned today:
1) Don't drink beer right before eating shit. They do not mixed well

Day 5 (17/6-2012)
Today we were recording a video with 2 slaves (me and their normal slave) and 2 girls.
We started out with some foot-worship.
I was used for some rough face sitting by both girl before the girls shit into their normal slave.

Things I have learned today:
1) Bring more undies. The girls love to tear them apart

I got some stomach problem that night. I threw up 4 times during the night.
Oddly I got sick after a day where I didn't eat any shit

Day 6 (18/6-2012)
Stomach problems or not. I was going to get used by 6 girls today.
Again we started with some foot-worship with soap.
After that, I was tied up. My head placed in between 2 pieces of metal holding it in place and a metal pate was placed in my mouth to keep it open.
Each girls took their turn sitting on my face and sitting into my mouth.
My face was cleaned up with a very rough toilet brush (that really hurts) after each girl had taken her shit.
It went well for the first 3 girls. But the 4th girl, well i don't know that she had been eating, but her shit was down right burning my lips, mouth and tough. My stomach couldn't take it. I ended up vomiting it up again as fast a she force it down.
The last 2 girls went relative well after that.
My stomach problem seems to be gone after we finish the recordings. Maybe shit eating is the right cure.

That I learned today:
A toilet brush is way to rough to be used on the face. It really left a lot of scars on my face.

Day 7 (19/6-2012)
A videos editing day.
We started work on some new equipment
No shit eating that day

Day 8 (20/6-2012)
Another video editing day and we continued our work on some new equipment
No shit eating that day

Day 9 (21/6-2012)
I was the toilet for 7 girls today.
They there sitting in a 2 part corner sofa.
We started out with some soap foot-worship and than the 2 sofa parts was separated. I was tried up and placed on the floor with my head in between the 2 sofa parts.
Now the girls one by one was taking their turn sitting over my face shitting in my mouth. Some of the girls went back to shit a second time, so I ended up getting used 10 times before we where done.
I did get it all down. Not that I had much choice, they just forced it in.
It was a very long time to be tied up. It took quit a while after I was released before I got the feelings back in my hands.

Day 10 (22/6-2012)
Another video editing and equipment building day.
No shit eating this day

Day 11 (23/6-2012)
I was the toilet for 5 girls today
We started with some soap foot worship. This time they put a bag around my head and they put the food to worship into the bag. This way my head was locked in with the food to bee worshiped.
We were 2 slaves today for the shit feeding part. I was the one used as toilet while their normal slave was used as toilet piper.
The girls were standing over me while they each was shitting. Letting the shit drop some distance before it landed on my face.
The first 2 girls used face sitting to force the shit down my though. The last 3 girls used their feet.

I did get quit a bitten today.

Learned today:
Don't burp right in front of the girls right after eating shit - they may vomit all over you.

Day 12 (24/6-2012)
Today we made a small little movie their I was used by 2 girls.
It took place in the bathroom. I was tied up.
Each girl took a shit in my mouth before they was standing on me while they took a shower.
That is a view

Day 13 (25/6-2012)
We started working on a new web-server for because of performance and technically issues.
No shit eating today

Day 14 (26/6-2012)
Today we recorded a movie with 2 slaves and 7 girls.
We started out with some foot worship.
For the feeding part. The first girl used their normal slave and shit all over his face. The 6 other girls all used me because they find the other slave to dirty.
Each girl had her own position.
The first one using me was feeding in forward face sitting position.
The second girl used the edge of a chair.
The 3rd girl used a broken table to shit though.
The 4th stood on some wooden blocks
The 5th girl used a broken table to shit of the side of it.
The last girl was shitting in rewards face sitting position.

A thing I learned today,
Don't try to kiss the girls right after they released you and you still have shit all over your face......The result can be quiet painful

Day 15 (27/6-2012)
Time to travel home
Nicole and their normal slave was driving me to the airport

All in all I received 34 portions of shit from day 2 to day 14.
That is a average of 2,5 a day I was where or a average of 4,25 pr. filming day.

Some afterthought
Can you live of shit alone?
No, I don't think so. After a few days my body began to recognize shit as "already processed" and sent the shit the fast way through the system. I usually have to shit big time about an hour after the last girl had used me. I don't think that my body can absorb much nutrition from the shit in that time

How many girls can I take shit from?
Well I received shit from 7 girls in one movie. But had where been a number 8 or maybe a number 9 when I would properly have taken that to. It is the first one that is the hardest. After that it is all a question about stomach capacity and that can be trained. Their normal slave said he can take shit from 14 girls after he have done this job for 3 years. I do think that is possible.
I think that if you was fitted into one of those devices with build in plumbing, that you can read about in some scat fantasy stories on the net where you can unload your self when needed, that you could keep on receiving for quiet a while.

I'm surprised over how much work there is in producing those videos and running the websites. It is a full time job for 3 people.
Where is a lot of preparation and organizations work before filming each movie. The editing also takes a surprising long time.

Advice for others that want to that the tour

First: I did not have any influence on which girls and how many where was in the movies and I have no influence on that equipment was used or the handling of the movies. It was all up to Nicole. I could come with suggestions but it was Nicole who decided whether my suggestions were used or not.
For example. I do not like foot-worship. It is simple not my thing. But I still have to do some foot-worship in many of the movies.
This is an all or noting package.

Second: Be prepared for pain. The girls do like to kick, hit and use whips. I do have quiet a few scars on my face, belly, legs, hands, elbows, and in my mouth.

Third: Then you are tied up, they will continue to the end whether you can take it or not. You can throw up, but it will not make much of a deference, they will just force it back in you again.

How did I get here?
I joined the site and filled out the Slave Application found in the member section on the site. (Don't bother asking Nicole to be their slave if you are not a member of one of the sites. They will only take site members.) After that I have some e-mailing back and forth with Nicole to set it all up.

Buy some chocolate in the tax free shop on your way there. Girls love chocolate and good chocolate are hard to find in the area

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