We will offer Service for People that require absolute Discretion.

We will pick you up at the Airport, you talk with our Director about your Fantasies and our Engineers start designing the Equipment needed. Within 2 Days, everything should be ready.

Up to 20 Girls of your Choice will perform in it. We will not allow any imaging Device such as Cellphones or Tablets, only the Devices or Cameras you ask for

If a Video has been filmed for you, you can take them with you or our Editor (Tifany) will edit them as you would like to and you can take them with you and/or destroy the Harddrive or load them onto your server, what ever gives you the most confidence.

We charge 25000 Dollars for up to 2 Weeks and up to 5 Movies

A deposit of 1000 Dollars is required


Please mail to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This is a Service exclusively for VIP and has nothing to do with the normal Participation.



Normal Participation we now mostly refuse, because it is being to costly for us. Often being canceled on the last Day and we are stuck with the Expenses. To many not Members writing us. People getting the Membership only to participate, which is not what we offer. We offer only Videos and every once in a while a Member recognizes his very Wish to have this done to him and writes us and tells us about his Fantasy and we decide if we can do something that benefits both of our Parties. Now here come the parasite type Fan with all the Demands on Hand, never purchased anything and we are stuck having to read all this Crab. Therefor we changed the Rules now to

"Must have 1 Month of Membership 12 Month prior"

"Deposit is required"

"Must be a current Member"



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