Here is one of our Fans who did this Review:
Its amazing Nicole.
For very reasons: POV view when ladies are shitting; Hot ladies , specially Adison and Gaby , both shitted big amount turds directly in mouth. But the special situación in this movie is the  mix puke-shit who must smell, taste and swallow the slave; with the aditionally push into mouth of the ladies feets with no mercy. All of this is more intense by the position of the slave´s face inside a plastic who maintain the mix. I imagine the slave would feel that he is inside a female body between the stomack and intestines absorbing the digested food who travel by the colon way!! He was very lucky to be forced to be there. By the other way I admire his capacity to deal with this situation. I can see that he is the same slave of the last movies!! no rest for him, isn´t there more slaves?
If you accepted a suggestion I thing that if the ladies do more comments during the movies in order of the slave situation it will be more exciting... well I speak spanish too.
My congratulations Nicole !!
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