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Sunday, November 29, 2015

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  Tifany made sure, we are also represented in Clips4sale, but no Scat in that Store

   Adison created her own Store, just click on the Picture to visit


Just click on the Picture, it leads you to this Video on Yezzclips.

Only the purchase of this Movie in Yezzclips is for Adison ! In this Store you can also buy the Videos rotated out



Here is another nice Movie coming up in our Store. A very loyal Member came up with this Idea and ask us to make a Custom Video, which we did. We negotiated that we could sell this Video at least in our Store. Look at the Sample Video and see how the poor Man is suffering under this Amount of Poop from only 3 Girls. He is the perfect Man for us just to bad that he does not stay, as he says every Time. Click on Text to the Store



Here is a nice nice Movie coming up in December !!! You will love this! Just like the Girls did. Throwing themselves on the Floor laughing ! We turned this Guy into a Horse, because as crazy as he becomes when somebody poops into his Mouth and his Nose plugged with Poop, we found out, we can use him for Horse Back Riding Princess Style. The funniest Pony yet ! Have a Look !



We made a Custom Movie for one of our better Supporters and he was so generous to allow us to offer the Movie in our Store. The Girls shook Hands after having the Man in his Place ready to sit on him and feed him. Knowing the Drama will start shortly...and it did ! You will love this one ! Click on this Text to go to the Store directly



Great News !!! The Movie "The Raw Tapes, turning a Man into a Human Toilet" for the first Time in his Life, is now available in our Shop in High Definition !!! Come and get it !!!


Proud to present: The Raw Tapes, what went wrong. As the Man tried to escape and hide under the Table. This Time around we screwed everything down, chained everything up and managed it to have our Man under it, good to go, well almost, he is not into swallowing Shit at all and it shows. But one Way or the other the Poop must be swallowed. We call him the Drama King and he is, take a look at the Sample!


Next Movie coming is this one. The Girls let go of some nasty Nose Snot Puke and Spit in Part 1 and then the Poop changed Ownership in an interesting pain full Way. Have a Look !


Now !!! Another BIG ONE !!! Our visiting Slave did not say much, so we think he wants us to bring it on and we did !!! Introducing THE BEAST !! You will just straight up love this one !!! NO moving only screaming and crying permitted, so we got a lot of that. Enjoy the Sample ! Coming up starting in September and each Part will be removed after publishing, so make sure you keep your Membership current !


Movie Part 4 is out now. Come and get it before it gets deleted. This Movie will be deleted after publishing !!!    Links can only be sent to members with valid memberships from Sept 24 to Oct 30 !!!



Another nice Movie coming out soon is this one, where all the Girls stand on the Man inka holding his Mouth open with her Foot and here comes one after another nasty Load to swallow. He is saying no after the 3rd one but Rules are Rules, eat all you nasty Pig ! Have a Look !


Here is another nice Movie coming up, also starting in September is this one. It seems the Slave can't get enough of the Girls Poop so the Girls let him have it, rather than letting go to waste in some Toilet. Have a Look at the Pictures



Another Movie coming out  next. This Month is very special, because we have some nice Events coming up. A Slave is coming to us to participate to make some great Movies, therefor we are a Bit undecided about the Schedule. We want to publish the new Slave Movie arround the 2oth of September. Until then we will publish this nice Movie. Have a Look !


Great News !!! The Movie is now available in our Shop in High Definition !!! Come and get it !!!

This Movie has been from the Member Section! Certain Movies are only available for a short Time ! Each Part is available for 3 Days.

Proud that we were able to present one of our best Movies yet !!! The Slave stupid enough to tell me about his Fantasy, letting himself being tied up and from then on "All Bets are on" Pushing it into his Throat to the last Girl! He screams and cries and pukes and does everything he can, but sorry Dude! You asked for it and here it is ! A Warning to all these Guys that want to come ! This will happen to you too !


Great Reviews !!! Read More....

 I have many asking me for Links to this Movie without being eligible. If you did not have the valid Membership during the Release of each Part, you are not eligible for Links to this Movie ! It has been R E M O V E D !!!


Another Movie coming out now is "Cooking Pooping and Cleaning" Very nice Angle and the Slave will once again have to deal with a Lot of fresh Poop. Have a Look !


Proud to present our newest Invention !!! The Eat Enforcer ! Standing with all the Weight on the Man's Face and movint the Handle to open him up and there it should go all into his Mouth. Then the enforcing Girl feeds him what fell aside. You will love it. There has been some Problem in the Production since the Man did get hurt, it was just to heavy and to hard for him that we had to stop, Blood was coming out of his Mouth and to prevent worse, we stopped with the last Girl. We need this Slave, it's the only stable one we have ! But he is recovering as we speak. Take a Look :


One of our new Releases for July is this Movie, where the Toilet wants to pass as a Smart Guy but gets drawn into his Toilet Role by any Girl without Hesitation. Have a Look !



For the End of June we have a nice Movie coming up with our very pretty Princess Alejandra. Take a Look !


Another June Movie coming out soon is " Human Toilet all the Way" which needs a Stomach of Steel. Very disgusting and routinely pooped on by the Princesses. The only slight Argument came, when it came to cleaning the Toilet Face. Have a Look !



Diana shows how it's done:


Coming out soon Diana turning a Man int this, have a Look !


Proud to present our new Slave Oliver from New Zealand. First we asked him if would help us out cleaning every bodies Feet and then he was needed  as Toilet Paper. Resulting he was appreciated. Check it out !


This Movie is only for advanced Toilet Slaves ! The old french Toilet Style with the Weight on our Slaves Face after the Girls dragged him into the Basement. The Toilets Legs are only to stabilize the Toilet, while the Weight is on his Face. His mouning under the Weight shows his Enjoyment. What a Movie ! Diarrhea Special ! Have a Look !


We have Parts left only of the Mask in it's Show Case Original with Inka and Samantha coming up in April as well. Have a Look !


For April we some more of this high complimented Video "The Poop Collector" including Nataly came to see us and to poop on this Guy.


Our newest Movie coming out next. Here the Slave is being used like a Tree. The Girls just climb up on his Arms and poop into him


We are proud to present our latest Movie "The Poop Collector" starring our newest Princess " Carmen". She was just stunt been showed the most perverted . She said,  I was developing Diarrhea as I was watching the Poop being piled up on this Man's Mouth. How can he possible like this as it stinks so awful ? Does he have a Death Wish ? Is it real ? So she was offered to use the Toilet Brush and push it into his Throat and she did. This is a must watch Movie, coming up next !



We also started selling our new Movies in our Shop in High Definition. Want to check it out ? Click on the Picture

Movie Review


Now we are finally ready to bring out Movie "B" ! Just click on the Picture to get to our Shop !


Here is another Movie for January starting with the first 2 Parts wit one of our new Princess Sonia. She did like this Human Toilet Thing ride away and filled his Mouth just like our routined Girls. Good Job Sonia !

Up next Samantha and Tifany. Tifany at las grabs his Head and does one last smear all over his Face. Now this did the Job ! The Slave is now full of Shit and she is mad having her Butt all messy too.



Another NEW Movie coming up in January. Take a Look, the Pictures tell all. Not all the different Angle came out so well, but the Action is clear enough. You can also purchase the Video in High Definition, just click on the Picture

Proud to present: Part 5,6 and 7 Valery and Diana buried the Slave in Diarrhea and had a really hard Time. Came out very nice

Next one coming up with Gabi and Adison and at their best !!!


Here is another special Movie coming out in December in 2 Parts. I guess, our Touilet Man has to get used to the Idea that our Girls like to stand on his Face. Have a Look:


Exclusive Client ? Click here !


Great News !

We just opened our own Video Store ! If you want to buy any Movies, let me know and I will provide them first and in HD and a Bit cheaper too !

Click here !



We just made a new Movie all Scat Fans have been waiting for ! You will love this Movie ! Our Engineers made an exact Facial Impression in Gypsum and formed Rock Toilet over it. The Weight ? 12 Kilos or 26.5 Pounds. Equipped with Light and Camera, ready for use. That Thing on the Face of the Slave and on Top the Girl sitting on it and shitting. That was even to much for our routined Slave to take.




End of October, Beginning November  is due  "Human Toilet on the Side" The Girls may not even have noticed this Human Toilet being there. Just one pooped on the Side of the Sofa everybody else did just the same, only being involved so deep in the interesting Conversation, nobody took even a Look at this Man or it's Face.


October as well ! Girls, stretching out on the Man, then moving her Butt over his Face, open his Mouth and shitting right into it. Then sit on his Forehead until he swallowed it all. Our new Princess Inka even filled him up with some nasty Quantity of it and  was laughing about it, like it is the most normal Thing in the World. The only Thing coming to my mind, Shit Feeding in Overdrive...


Another very nice Movie where the Girls may not even realize that they are overfilling their Toilet. First they need him to stand higher to reach some Device and then they are so routinely shitting into the Man's Mouth that even as a routined Viewer my Mouth stays open being speechless.. Is it really possible to have such a Routine in filling somebody with Poop ?



For August we have a very special Movie ! Household Toilet Slave. The Girls just majorly abuse the poor Man with Shit. He is not even to recognize after each use. The next Girl even refuse to use him as filthy as he shows up from serving the last Princess.



Sometimes you Guys send us some good Ideas, but some of those are not to realise with the Limitations we we are exposed to. Now our Girls have some Fantasies at Times, which leaves me standing with my Mouth open...      Read More ? Click here !






  • Denise Denise
    Shitting into you Guys is the best Idea you came up with yet. I even use the Cleanup Part for some extra Pleasure and this Looser is getting good at it...
  • Gabi Gabi
    Hi, I am Gabi, I don't understand much of the Pleassure eating Shit, but it would be a Shame, if we were all the same. So this is propably the Website to go to, if you like those things. Nicole is feeding...
  • Astrid Astrid
    Hi, I am Astrid. I am sorry for not beeing able to share this Type Passion with you People. I think you are looking for Punishment, if you have this Type Desires. So if you come to me with this Garbage,...
  • Nataly Nataly
    It is refreshing, a Man wanting eat my Poop. This is not want Men usually would want from a Woman, from what I have seen
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