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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Only the purchase of this Movie in Yezzclips is for Adison ! In this Store you can also buy the Videos rotated out




Our Movie for February is something Special. The Girls invite the Man to watch the Game from Under and he becomes a Winner too. Amanda's Diarrhea and Totally filled and Fed with Shit. I still wonder why would anybody except an Invitation like this. Take a Look...



Here comes the REAL Shit !!!

Our Newest Invention is a Tube in a Tube. Putting it on, means, you can't close your Mouth anymore. Between Your Teeth you have another Tube just small enough to be able to swallow and big enough, the Poop can be pushed into Your Mouth. Evil Girls ! You will just Straight Up Love it !!! Even for this Stupid Slave to much to Swallow and everybody throws out one NASTIER than the OTHER. Perfect Movie !


The Slave said, if anybody knew, that Thalia likes this so much, and even suspects an Addiction to use Human Toilets, this is all a Toilet Slave would ever need. The Problem however. After Thalia uses you, you are sick for a Week. Telling her, turns her on... Go figure !



Chrystal also has her Dark Side to her. She loves the Foot Massage and even more with a Bit Sacrifice on the Slaves Part. Take Look...


 Nice Movie starting the End of This Month !

The Toilet Man living by himself ran out of Money and Food. So the Girls had  to take Care of that he was fed and as usual, to much of it and as usual he got sick and puked all Night asking for Help but everybody is to busy to see him. And as usual he is still alive the Next Day and as usual ready for the Next Shit Eating Session from 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 Girls. Take a Good Look at the Tower building up on his Face waiting to be pushed in.



Karina got really Mad when she caught this Man sniffing or Eating the Girls Toilet Paper. "Don't we give you enough Shit to eat you Idiot ? Lay down, got some Fresh Poop for you !"



December has some really exciting Movies and to much Poop depending who you ask. Take a Look at this one !



For November we have some really Juicy Movies coming up !

In this one Our King of Dramatic Professional Poop Eater is freaking out right with the First Diarrhea hitting him and Inka has to pull all the Tricks to have it consumed. How much he loves it is still questionable, specially after watching this Movie.


The other Movie is an Especially Nasty One. The Man just has to stay under the \girls Feet and the Nasty Poop is making a real Mess. The Girls however enjoy having their Feet cleaned by this Pervert.



Inka has about about enough of this Guy swallowing so slow. You stupid Pig, you will swallow as fast as it comes out from three of us or I will make you cry.



Here we are, Girls wanting to use this Toilet Pig and a Guy who is sick of getting sick from being fed with so much Shit. Nobody can do this. But the Girls do such a good Job in convincing that again lays down and swallows so much Shit again. How long can he hang in there for the Girls ? Take a Look at this Movie


Inka and Britany made a Surprise Visit and the Slave has suddenly some Logs to swallow and Inka got right into it and helped with the Consumption and all. I am sure you can imagine the Mess.



The Perfect Movie to come up yet with Thalia ! Only a Girl enjoying Toilet Men could make a Movie like that. It is available Only for 3 Days, so download the Moment it comes out, Please !


Ready for another Cruel Movie Perhaps ? Inka Feeding and Carmen standing on him, while the Show goes on ?  Watch out for this one starting in August.



For July we have another Special Attraction, where Drama makes an Overkill. The Girls have a little to much Fun getting the Poop into the Man's Bally but any Way it works is allowed even with some Boos.


Another Movie also starting in June is this one.  The Girls decide playing Cards on the Slave him serving as their Table and Chair and Toilet at the same Time. Being so involved in the Card Game nobody has much Patience for this Stupid Slave not being able to Breath Move or Swallow. But I guess this comes as a Package Deal being a Toilet Slave for Young Girls




Our Girls just love it when the Man under gets Mad as Hell, just not being able to do much. Inka stretches this Phenomen to another Level. If there is any Enjoyment on his Part, this Time he scored well




We are proud to present a New Princess Rachel. Amanda brings her Friend Rachel to visit the Toilet Slave and suddenly she is not feeling well. Everybody very caring bring her to the Sofa blow Wind in her Face and brig this stupid Slave to massage her Feet. Put some Soap in his Mouth because of his Cat like Tounge. The Girls start pooping into his Face while she is thinking, it's Soap. Until she finally gets up. You stupid Bitches used me !!! My Feet stink like this Idiots Face now



Here comes a Fascinating Movie, where the Toilet Slave on Duty has his Head locked in his Toilet Chair and the Girls without Mercy use him until all is swallowed. Adison overused him of course and Carmen needed to go so urgent. Karina's best Friend had suddenly had the same Urge and came in unexpectedly.



One Day of successful Toilet Slavery.Our Girl is learning how to drive and the Guy likes her Feet so much that he wants her to drive over his Hand. The Girl is somewhat irritated and says ok, BUT I will do more than that ! I drive onto your Hand and will not let you go until I finished my Task on your Hand. Meaning going back and Forth 3 Times on your Hand, while I never get completely off your Hand. You will not be able to pull it out until I decide to let you go. At last Turning the Wheel on your Hand and then you have your Chance to pull it out. The Man is hesitant but at last he decides to go ahead with it and to leave him at her Mercy. That puts a Big Smile on her Face, all right, let's do this ! A Split Screen shows 4 Angles at the same Time semitaniously




We are proud to present a New Princess Amanda. She was so curious to use a Human Toilet. But then the Inimaginable happened . She could not Poop, instead she Farted and Farted and Farted. She even Farted some Diarrhea, which made a Mess on his Face. Sorry Dude, but this is What Toilets do...



For the First Time Ever !!! We are proud to present ... She is tied down, her Mouth open by her Hand Pedal. But then she changes her mind and the Drama starts. Once the Poop is out, somebody has to swallow it, Princess Rule !



We also have another Custom Video that we now may publish. 2 Hours long and showing all the Details. 7 Girls pooped into the Man's Mouth and Inka put her feet on his Face to Feed it and towards the End Karina jumped on him to film the Rest Feed from above.


We made another Custom Movie for one of our Members with the Agreement that we can sell it in our Shop. This came out very nice as well. This is what our Slave had to say to this:
They tied me up and put this Tube in my Mouth which had another Tube inside between my Teeth. When the pushed the Poop in, I only could swallow in Panic, because there was so much Pressure applied on my Throat. The only Choice swallow or not breath. And They pushed and pushed until I was so filled up and Tears came out. Now that I have seen the Amount, how much it was... it was horrific !  Carmen apparently was standing on my Chest during the whole Time with the Camera and at Times Karina as well. I won't and I can't do this again, sorry !    Click on Text to go the Shop



Also starting in February is this Movie. Girls lining up again. Poop Eater has to get ready to swallow their Logs. Work sometimes could also be Nightmarish


Another nice Movie in our Store: I am sure you will love it ! Click on Text to the Store !

Here is a nice nice Movie coming up in December !!! Our Slave not really ready for his Lunch, but oh well... The Girls are ready and this is what counts. Have a Look:



Here is a nice nice Movie coming up in December !!! You will love this! Just like the Girls did. Throwing themselves on the Floor laughing ! We turned this Guy into a Horse, because as crazy as he becomes when somebody poops into his Mouth and his Nose plugged with Poop, we found out, we can use him for Horse Back Riding Princess Style. The funniest Pony yet ! Have a Look !



Here is another nice Movie coming up, also starting in September is this one. It seems the Slave can't get enough of the Girls Poop so the Girls let him have it, rather than letting go to waste in some Toilet. Have a Look at the Pictures


 Great Reviews !!! Read More....


 Diana shows how it's done:


Coming out soon Diana turning a Man int this, have a Look !


Proud to present our new Slave Oliver from New Zealand. First we asked him if would help us out cleaning every bodies Feet and then he was needed  as Toilet Paper. Resulting he was appreciated. Check it out !



We have Parts left only of the Mask in it's Show Case Original with Inka and Samantha coming up in April as well. Have a Look !


Movie Review


Another NEW Movie coming up in January. Take a Look, the Pictures tell all. Not all the different Angle came out so well, but the Action is clear enough. You can also purchase the Video in High Definition, just click on the Picture

Proud to present: Part 5,6 and 7 Valery and Diana buried the Slave in Diarrhea and had a really hard Time. Came out very nice

Next one coming up with Gabi and Adison and at their best !!!



Exclusive Client ? Click here !



End of October, Beginning November  is due  "Human Toilet on the Side" The Girls may not even have noticed this Human Toilet being there. Just one pooped on the Side of the Sofa everybody else did just the same, only being involved so deep in the interesting Conversation, nobody took even a Look at this Man or it's Face.



Sometimes you Guys send us some good Ideas, but some of those are not to realise with the Limitations we we are exposed to. Now our Girls have some Fantasies at Times, which leaves me standing with my Mouth open...      Read More ? Click here !






  • Denise Denise
    Shitting into you Guys is the best Idea you came up with yet. I even use the Cleanup Part for some extra Pleasure and this Looser is getting good at it...
  • Gabi Gabi
    Hi, I am Gabi, I don't understand much of the Pleassure eating Shit, but it would be a Shame, if we were all the same. So this is propably the Website to go to, if you like those things. Nicole is feeding...
  • Astrid Astrid
    Hi, I am Astrid. I am sorry for not beeing able to share this Type Passion with you People. I think you are looking for Punishment, if you have this Type Desires. So if you come to me with this Garbage,...
  • Nataly Nataly
    It is refreshing, a Man wanting eat my Poop. This is not want Men usually would want from a Woman, from what I have seen
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